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come & Get to Know Us

We are a new church, loving and serving people in Weston and the rest of Southampton. 

We're all about Jesus - have questions? Send us a message or come along to one of our events.

What are we about?

We're a group of Christians in Weston, Southampton starting a new church to reach young people in the local area.


We're all about Jesus, but we have 3 ways that God has told us to introduce him:​

1)Family - creating a welcoming community who supports each other, opportunities to heal broken relationships and investing in people of all ages and generations​

2) Food - blessing local people, meeting practical needs by making sure people have enough to eat, warm places to go and help when they need it​, and eating together!

3) Freedom - telling people about the freeing power of Jesus, how he has changed and saved lives and sharing the hope that comes with knowing God as our Father and friend

photo of prayer meeting at the Hope Centre
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